SEO Beats All Other Advertising Methods

SEO Beats All Other Advertising Methods

The fact is, if you’re going to have a Website in this day and age, you may as well know what the landscape is like in the online world. Gone are the days when people use Yellow Pages to look for solutions in the retail market.

I new frontier has emerged. That frontier his online search. So let’s talk about some of the facts.

Fact #1) 66% of all online searches are on mobile phones. This stands to reason considering the following. Many people cannot afford a desktop computer so they choose to use their smartphone as their computer. Another reason mobile search is so important is the convenience. Many times people are out and about and they want to find something like a restaurant. What better way then to just speak into your mobile phone and get delivered a series of results and even a map GPS guidance to get you your destination. I don’t ever remember carrying around the 2 inch thick yellow pages when I was out for a drive. Did you?

Fact#2) People spend a lot more time in their homes. There is a book written back in the 1980’s called Megatrends.  One of the things that was predicted in this book has come to pass in a big way. And that prediction was that people would be engaging what the author called “ cocooning”. In other words, they would spend a lot more time in their homes surrounded by various different modes of entertainment and comfort.

Fact#3)  People are turning away from their television and tuning into YouTube. Myself personally, I have no use for TV and no longer have a cable connection. I find Real people doing real things on YouTube far more entertaining. I am not alone. There are over 1 billion YouTube uploads every single day. Can you say “WOW”!!!

I could list a number of other facts but it occurs to me at this point that if you’re going to own a business and derive some of the revenue that is being spent online you’re Going to need some help.

The online world is a bit of a double-edged sword. On one edge you have literally billions of people looking for solutions to problems with credit card in hand. On the other hand, you have hundreds of millions of websites competing for those top 10 spots on first page of the search results.

If you’re going to get seen in those top 10 spots with the market as competitive as it is now you’re probably going to need the help of an SEO expert or a PPC expert.

SEO stands for search engine optimization. PPC stands for pay per click. Both have their place in the online marketing sphere but I believe that SEO has a few distinct advantages.

With PPC you were going to have to continue to pay as long as you want people to click on your ads and contact your business. With SEO the idea is to rank you in the organic searches so they people can find you naturally as they look for you with certain keyword search terms. If the right things are done by the person in charge of your campaign the Page 1 ranking can’t stick for many months or even years in some cases without the constant input of capital that PPC requires.

The one downside to SEO is it tends to be a fairly expensive proposition in the initial stages. It pays great dividends in the long run but you have to have the budget for from the onset. Sometimes it’s better to start with a PPC campaign and what the revenue from that build up hey budget for search engine optimization. That way you let the PPC campaign pay the bill. You never know, maybe you will continue both since they will probably both bring a different audience to your business.

So what does a typical SEO campaign cost? For small local markets and In towns of 40,000 to 200,000 people a $500 two $1500 monthly budget for 4 to 6 months should be able to rank you for all but the most difficult search terms. Anything below a $500 amount budget and you will most likely and up with an amateur at the helm and this can do more harm than good. Better to wait until you have a proper budget and I are a professional.

The professionals in this industry know their value and we’ll speak confidently when they hand you the price tag. For big campaigns on a national scale, some of the budgets get as high as $100,000 a month. This may seem a bit extreme and hundred thousand dollars is extreme but this is just an example. It’s not the norm. For businesses with fairly deep pockets and high paying clientele, the sweet spot for an SEO campaign is about $3000 to $6000 a month.

(I asked this guy about the costs 905-233-2488)

This may seem like a lot but you have to remember what the cost of television and radio spots are. Even a full-page ad in a major newspaper can run into the $3000 range for just one placement.

Keep in mind that that paper ends up in the garbage are the recycle bin in most cases. A search engine optimization first page results Will stay evergreen for many months and years as I had previously stated. And while people leaving through a newspaper easily overlook your ad the people that are searching for you online actually have an intent. Their intent is indicated by the type of search did they put in the search bar. By examining this data, which is served up free in the Google Keyword Planner, you can target specific searches with your campaign that you want to be found for and only spend money on that target audience.

There is simply no comparison any other type of advertising in this regard. If you are a business owner and are not being found in the online search results, you owe it to yourself to talk to someone who does search engine marketing. It could be the best advertising money you ever spend.